In March 2010,  I got a position as Associate Professor in the Computer Architecture Department from the Technical University of Catalonia. Currently, I’m teaching graduate courses in the Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona, in particular the course “Introducció als Computadors (IC)” and the course Compilers for High Performance Computers in the master program of the department, “Master MIRI: Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems”.

My research activity is focused in three main research lines directly related to the energy/power limitations that affect current multi-core architectures. We propose the introduction of a hybrid memory subsystem where caches and local memories co-exist. This work explores the potential optimizations in the micro-architecture as well as the programmability of the resulting architecture. We have also developed power and energy modeling techniques for multi-core processors. These techniques are based on hardware counters that are used as input data for stochastic methods that allow for building power models. This research line has evolved to energy and power profiles of multi-core architectures based on the study of the Energy per Instruction (EPI) and the design of power stress benchmarks that reach experimental maximum power consumption. Finally, I continue my research in parallel programming models, with special interest in the OpenMP and OpenCL paradigms, as a continuation of my initial research years, but now including energy and power efficiency parameters. Up today, I have published more than 40 refereed papers in journals and conferences, and the filing of several patent applications resulting from my research activity.

Prior to the post-doctoral period, I initiated my research career as a graduate student in the Centre Europeu de Paral.lelisme de Barcelona (CEPBA). The funding of the NANOS project in 1996 allowed me to start my PhD studies, developing an OpenMP research platform to study the exploitation of multi-level parallelism for shared memory multi-processor architectures. This experience allowed me to complete my PhD work, that resulted in the corresponding degree in December 2003. All my research in this period was linked to european funded projects such as the INTONE and POP projects.

Before I got the the idea of becoming a teacher and researcher, I received my M.S. degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Catalonia in June 1996

Marc Gonzàlez Tallada

Associate Professor

Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)

Computer Architecture Department (DAC)

Campus Nord

Modul C6 - E207

C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3

08034 Barcelona

email: marc @

Tel. +34 93 405 40 57
Fax. +34 93 401 70 55

Tulum, Mexico 2005

Technical University of Catalonia

Computer Architecture Department